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Veterinary Services
Kirrawee Veterinary hospital is a great landmark on the Princes highway in the Sutherland shire. We have taken great care to bring our clients the latest state of the art services and facilities. Having an architecturally designed hospital allows us to provide to your pet the best possible care.

On-Site Facilities

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Obedience Training

Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital offers effective and personalised dog obedience training to solve behavioural issues. Read more on:

  • The Importance of Puppy School
  • Solving Separation Anxiety in Dogs
  • Speak to Our Team about Your Concerns

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Intensive Care

Intensive monitoring and care is available for critical patients requiring continual 24 hour assessment.


Veterinary Paediatrics

Newborn pet care and professional advice for new and experienced breeders is available at our hospital.


Counter Products

We provide a vast range of pet products, food and health products.


Blood Pressure Monitoring

The latest digital sphygmomanometers (blood pressure monitor) designed specifically for pets are used to accurately diagnose and monitor your pet’s blood pressure.


Puppy Classes

Regular puppy classes are held at Kirrawee veterinary hospital. These classes allow puppies to socialise with other people, children and other puppies in a fun, safe environment.


Emergency & Critical Care

Emergency service 7 days a week. Phone 95216422


Veterinary Education

The latest in veterinary medicine continuing education for vets.

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The veterinarians at Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital will help you understand what your pet needs to live a happy and healthy life. Organise a general health check-up or book a consultation today to protect your pet against illness, injury and disease. Contact Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital by calling 9521 6422 or sending us a message online .

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