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Veterinary Services
Our hospital provides an exceptionally high standard of medical and diagnostic practice. In addition to general medicine, we also offer services such as intensive and emergency care, chemotherapy, exotic pet medicine, wildlife medicine and even acupuncture.

Medicinal Treatment

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Protect your pet’s health by allowing our team to give them the necessary vaccinations at different intervals in their life, starting at 8-10 weeks of age. Bring your dog or cat to our clinic to learn more about preventable diseases in pets and how certain vaccinations can help.

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Kirrawee veterinary hospital stocks a huge range of pet medications and can modify individual treatments based on a patient's weight and your pet’s preferred flavour.

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Behavioural Medicine

At the Kirrawee veterinary hospital, individual assessment of behavioural problems allows specific training methods and behaviour modifying medication to be utilised

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Exotic & Wildlife Medicine

Exotic and wildlife diagnostics and medicine is available to all clients. Kirrawee veterinary hospital supports wildlife organisations such as WIRES and assists in treating sick and injured native wildlife.

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Dermatology diagnostic and therapeutic facilities are available onsite to diagnose and treat a broad range of skin conditions.

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Ophthalmic diagnostic equipment, medicine and surgery are onsite to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of eye diseases.

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Chemotherapy and surgical cancer treatment is available onsite with protocols individually advised and designed by cancer specialists, based on the patient and the specific cancer diagnosis.

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Acupuncture is now available at Kirrawee veterinary hospital. This complementary medical procedure can be used to treat a range of conditions. Our trained veterinary acupuncturist Dr Joanna Goldman, has found it very useful in a wide variety of pet diseases.