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Veterinary Services
Kirrawee Veterinary hospital is a great landmark on the Princes highway in the Sutherland shire. We have taken great care to bring our clients the latest state of the art services and facilities. Having an architecturally designed hospital allows us to provide to your pet the best possible care.
The Importance of Puppy School

Although it is never too late to begin obedience training with your dog, bringing them to Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital’s classes while they are a puppy will yield the best results. Puppy classes cover the basics in training, including learning to walk on a lead and obeying simple commands.

It can be dangerous for your dog when they don’t obey your commands in public, and disobedience can have an impact on your relationship. You will find that early programs will prevent certain behavioural issues, such as barking and digging, as your dog ages. Speak to our team about joining a class today.

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Speak to Our Team about Your Concerns

If you’re worried about your dog or cat’s behavioural problems, book a consultation with Kirrawee Veterinary Hospital and let our team create a custom treatment plan that works for you. We also offer “OpenPay” and “Vetpay”. Get in touch by calling 9521 6422 or sending us a message online .

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